Get the personalized legal attention your projects deserve.

Because you deserve an attorney who cares about your project as much as you do.

It’s ironic that some of the highest priced entertainment law firms give you the least amount of attention. At Kondas Law, we give you personalized legal services with a transparent fee structure so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We understand the legal issues in the entertainment world that keep you up at night.

It’s not often you work with an attorney you want to recommend to your friends. Our accessibility, expertise, and service is why artists in all stages of the creative process, from indie creators making their first shorts to Oscar nominees, choose kondas law.

See our list of services below and let us know how we can help your project from development to distribution.


Film & TV Production

Kondas Law works with production companies on projects of all sizes. We handle all major legal needs for your film or series, including negotiating and drafting agreements with above-the-line personnel, securing and protecting intellectual property, managing investment financing deals, negotiating distribution agreements, and everything in between. From development to distribution, Kondas Law has you covered.

Actors & Comedians

Acting and stand-up comedy are more than just gigs. We work with performers to ensure they get the most out of their contracts and know their work is protected.

Social Media Influencers

Whether you’re a wellness guru or an activist, we help you navigate the waters of the internet. We set you up for success by protecting your content and image.

Theater & Live Performance

Theater productions can be filled with complications and challenges. Kondas Law ensures legal compliance and sound agreements with everyone involved in your show.


Whether you're creating a weekly podcast for Spotify or a few podcast episodes as a proof of concept, we make sure you are protected from all sides while you create.

" If you want quality entertainment attorneys that care about your film as much as you do, I highly recommend working with Kondas Law. Having Patrick on my team means I don't have to worry about legal obstacles, and that I can focus on getting the job done.”

Alex Haney


Our Approach:

Paying a premium for an attorney to “rubber stamp” your legal documents is unfortunately all too common. At Kondas Law, we promise to work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure your project gets the precise legal attention it needs while taking the time to keep you informed, educated and empowered to create.

Kondas Law clients can expect the following:

Work with Kondas Law and get:

Every artist needs someone competent who has their back on legal and business issues. Your attorney should be your best friend in business and hiring the wrong one can cost you more than just your time and money.
Work with Kondas Law and get:
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